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History of APC

The history of the Arts and Performance Centres starts in 1993. Read more about the founders and how they built up the first huts here.


The origin of the APC - or how to build houses out of beer bottles

In 1993 Lis Hidber, originally from Mels, Switzerland and Hans Leu, this time head of mission station, were in the north of Namibia and worked with the local women and youth. In exchange with the locals they listened to the need of the youth. They wished instruments and a place to learn and perform arts. So slowly Lis Hidber and Hans Leu put together the first APC in Oshikuku. The waste pit of the existing mission school was made available as land.


Instead of expensive bricks, only empty beer bottles and cement were available as building materials. Thus children and young people collected the bottles in the semi-desert of Namibia. These were then bricked up with cement. An advantage of this cheap material was the very good insulation of the glass against heat and cold. Next, the windows and door frames were installed, the roof truss was put on and the power cables were laid. The roofs were covered with savannah grass according to local tradition.

The walls of the bottles were plastered inside and out and painted differently by a group of young people who were trained in painting. Colourful houses were created, each design depending on the use of the hut.

At that time there were not enough instruments available for the many children who came.  So they simply made a guitar out of oil canisters and fishing line. Flutes were carved from bamboo, from soprano to bass size. 


In the years, thanks to countless supporters and donators, it was possible to establish the centre in Oshikuku and build two more in Omagalanga and Tsumeb. Today, the three Centres include over 450 young people who have found a place in the Art Performance Centres (APC). Here they practice their musical instruments, pass on their skills to equally lost children and play concerts to secure their lives.

The two centers Oshikuku and Omagalanga are today under local direction and leadership.


Lis Hidber

Founder and Managing Director of APC Tsumeb

Hans Leu († 2018)

Founder, former treasurer and secretary general