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APC Oshikuku

APC Oshikuku was the first centre which started 1993 on the RC Missionsstation. Today it has 8 teachers and is daily visited by 80 students.

Managing Director: Andreas Sh. Wedeinge
00 264 81 272 820 / 00 264 65 25 47 21



Since 1993: APC Oshikuku

In 1993, Lis Hidber had built this centre on behalf of the then Head of Mission Station Hans Leu with donations from Switzerland and Austria, in particular from Fastenopfer. After ten years, this APC was one of the best schools in Namibia, and a lot of young people have found a job as art teachers or a place to study. The APC Oshikuku consists of eight practice huts, a large stage with an auditorium and a house for the director, a toilet, a materials office and a kitchen.

The APC Oshikuku is currently proudly run by local musicians, who helped to set it up as children. Every day between 60 and 80 young people come here to paint, dance, sing and make music. There is a lot of laughter and the atmosphere is very peaceful. Many of them have a long way to school, often up to 10 km, and without having breakfast they appear hungry and thirsty at school in the morning. Then they get a glass of syrup and a piece of bread: reason enough for them to concentrate on learning! 


APC Oshikuku in pictures